This campaign is about you, Revere, and I want to hear what you have to say.

When I’m your At-Large City Councillor, my votes will be guided by your opinions and values. I truly believe that your voice matters. And I’ll always be straightforward and transparent with you on the issues. I’ve been an independent voter since I was 18, and I’ll be just as independent at City Hall.

Revere High School

The necessity of a new high school forces hard choices for our community, but it’s also an opportunity to wield the power of city government to ensure that the outcome is a point of pride for Revere. I want the best facility for our students, but we must proceed in a fiscally responsible way.

We will not be doing future generations – students who will become taxpayers – if we mortgage the future, if we don’t think strategically about how we conceive, design, site, and pay for the high school.If we cannot identify additional sources of funding that taxpayers agree to, then sound fiscal management dictates that we consider scaling back the design.

Unfortunately, we’ve made mistakes in the past, poor decisions to sell of parcels of land that would have provided us with more options for where to build the new school. We need a steady hand on the Council who will act as a safeguard for the people of Revere.

There won’t be backroom deals for well-connected developers or shady maneuvering behind the scenes, because I will represent your voice in making sure that we build a top-notch school for our kids without mortgaging their future.

Our Senior Citizens

I’ve been disturbed by what I see as the callous – often downright rude – manner in which our senior citizens are treated by city officials and in public forums, all because they are trying to have a say in the community they have built. Our seniors have earned the support of city government – that means not just resources, services accessibility, but respect and consideration as well.

When seniors seek to preserve the quality of the neighborhoods they worked and sacrificed to make communities, they should be listened to. Who knows better? And I truly believe that they deserve – and that Revere needs – a new senior center that offers seniors a place to meet, access city services, and take advantage of programs and activities that they have earned in a safe and healthy environment.

I’m the granddaughter of immigrants, and the daughter of wonderful parents who helped me build a great life here. I want the same opportunity for future generations, and I firmly believe that we owe a “thank you” to those who got us here. City government should be a means for us to demonstrate that gratitude, not an impediment to it.


Revere has been overdeveloped, forcing the city into a cascading series of difficult choices.

Officials allow developers to trample on the zoning code, which was written by the people of Revere, resulting in traffic congestion, unfettered development, and real dangers to public safety while developers line their pockets. Through my professional background as both an attorney and a realtor, I bring a passion and expertise to these issues that I want to put to work for the city. I’m bothered by the way that elected officials, instead of supporting their constituents by offering clear explanations about how the regulatory process should work, instead make the process more opaque and fail to present to the citizens the options that should be available to them.

We have a great city with wonderful neighborhoods, and they should not be eroded for the sake of shoddily conceived developments – or worse. By insisting on transparency and accountability, and bringing careful stem-to-stern scrutiny to each project proposal, we can win back some of the quality of life that has been sacrificed to development run amok.

The average taxpayer is too busy taking care of their families and their careers to monitor every project, and that’s why I want to be your voice on the Council, and where I’ll excel at representing you.

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On November 7, 2023, vote for Michelle Kelley
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