Meet Michelle Kelley

Candidate for Revere Councillor At Large.

Michelle Kelley – who lives with her husband, David, in West Revere – is the proud granddaughter of immigrants and a fierce advocate for the city’s working families. A realtor and attorney, she believes in curbing irresponsible development that flouts zoning rules because get-rich-quick construction schemes are eroding a wonderful community’s quality of life.

In holding city leaders to account, Michelle helped engineer policy changes during the debate over the Revere biolab. She will bring the same outlook, that of a concerned citizen with a “neighborhood watch” attitude, to the breadth of city government – from the budget to public education to tackling the opioid crisis. A smarter approach to development, and ensuring that developers adhere to the zoning code written by the people of Revere, will help preserve the city’s neighborhoods.

Drawing on her professional training and career background, Michelle became more involved in matters before municipal government because she wanted to ensure that working families were receiving fair advocacy in the face of powerful interests. Continuing to wage that fight once in office remains one of her core motivations for seeking a seat on the Council.

Michelle also believes that Revere’s seniors deserve more respectful treatment from city government, including common courtesy from city officials and at public meetings. Revere should be a place where people of all generations and backgrounds can feel comfortable and pursue their dreams.

In short, Michelle will serve her constituents on the Council the same way she serves her real estate clients: always in their best interests. Willing to negotiate, but never at the expense of seeing others take advantage of the folks she’s representing.

The first person in her family to graduate college, Michelle attended Revere Public Schools and worked her way through both college and law school, receiving degrees from Salem State University and New England School of Law. She is admitted to practice in Massachusetts state and federal courts.

As someone who has built her own career and runs her own business in Revere, Michelle believes that government should work for the people, and that residents’ voices should be represented. As your At-Large City Councillor, she’ll listen to neighbors about development proposals, to parents about the public schools, to small business owners about how to boost Revere’s economy and create jobs.

Michelle will be your voice on the Revere City Council,
because your voice matters.

On November 7, 2023, vote for Michelle Kelley
for Revere Councillor At Large.

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